ELI  Language  Magazines  2017.2018


5 issues per year:
N. 1 Sept/October
N. 2 Nov/December
N. 3 February
N. 4 March-April
N. 5 May-June

Absolute beginner
Elementary (A1-A2)
Lower intermediate (A2-B1)
Intermediate (B1-B2)
Upper intermediate (B2-C1)
Advanced (C2)


Teacher’s notes
The teacher’s notes include:
- A short guide on how to use the magazines
- The year’s syllabus
- Photocopiable activities
- End-of-year self-assessment exercises


Audio materials
With readings of several sections of
the magazines.

ELI magazines offer an array of information and numerous news items about current events, which students do not find in their usual course books. Engage your students' interest with this ideal teaching material and get your students actively involved in their language learning.


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